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As part of Noble Manhattan Coaching, world’s leading coach training companies, we offer high quality coaching courses and certifications. Moreover, we designed a wide variety of services to help managers and leaders grow their businesses.

We guide our mission on the premise that one fulfilled individual can influence other to take charge of their life. Therefore, we train amazing coaches and leaders to start the butterfly effect of their transformation in their community. Also, we contribute directly to our community by giving back to charities every 10% of our profits.

Accessibility & flexibility

Because we care about your needs, our courses are a perfect mix of face-to-face and long distance learning.

Extensive Support

Our professional team is at your disposal anytime you need help. Thus, our goal is to help you succeed.


We promise training, self-development and business building.
And we deliver what we promise!

We provide a wide range of coaching services, from coach training courses to coaching support and continuous development. Additionally we provide coaching services for individuals as well as for companies. Our mission is to train amazing coaches and leaders to start influence their communities for the better.  

Certified Coach Training

Accredited and endorsed by ILM and IIC&M. Build your coaching skills and get ready for real practice.

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Short courses & workshops

Continuous development is a priority for leaders. You can choose from an existing list, or you can opt to arrange a tailor-made course.

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The Alpha Group

We organize Alpha Group meeting for business owners and CEOs to help them double their profits and dominate the market.

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Coaching services for those who dare to have an impact in the world

Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas team is here to support you and help you whenever you need. Your goals are our goals and we’ll make sure they become reality. Therefore, we will answer to all your questions in a caring and supportive way, because we are a family.

Not to mention our faculty made of expert coaches! They are here to provide you with the theory and practice that you need to become an amazing coach.

Ashley Frey

Director of Recruiting & Foundation Relations

Chuck Clement

Managing Director & Regional Director for Alpha Group

Iulia Sorescu

Administrative Support Leader & Life Coach




Coach Training Courses



Our caring team is at your service. Write us and we will get back to you in order to answer all your questions. In addition, we provide you a free consultation because we know how important it is for you to find the most suitable coaching path. We are going to analyse together your needs and we will propose the best coach training course or service. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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30-min session with one of our life coaches

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 $25 voucher for Introduction to Coaching Day


“The Introduction to Coaching offered by Nobel Manhattan was a wonderful and worthwhile day. Not only did we hear about the world of coaching and all the possibilities of what coaching can do in our businesses, we also learned what it can do for us individually. I walked away with a great tool that I can implement immediately to help my clients and colleagues. Although they wouldn’t let me sign up for any additional training on the spot, I will certainly be furthering my own development with Nobel Manhattan!”

Libby Dishner 
Principal@Cresco Strategy

“Upon attending the seminar, I did not know what to expect.  However, I can truthfully say that I spent my time well.  The material that discussed the Coaching opportunity was very comprehensive and mind stimulating!  Also, the methodology presented was very thorough and totally engages the client being coached. What’s more, the class exercise provided me with a personal exposure to the methodology.  Therefore, I highly recommend anyone considering Coaching, as a profession, to take this course to see if Coaching is a fit for you.  If yes, this course can provide some very basic concepts to start on the road to a successful career in coaching.”

Andrew Shulick
Metamorphosis Management Consulting


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We are a Life and Executive Coach training company, under Noble Manhattan Coaching International. We provide personal and corporate development courses.