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As part of Noble Manhattan Coaching, world’s leading coach training companies, we offer high-quality coach training programs and coaching certifications. Moreover, we designed a wide variety of services to help managers and leaders grow their businesses.

We guide our mission on the premise that one fulfilled individual can influence others to take charge of their life. Therefore, we train amazing coaches and leaders to start the butterfly effect of personal transformation in their communities.

High quality courses

Our courses, workshops and online webinars offer high-quality content and are run by experienced life and executive coaches. We promise coach training, self-development and business building. And we deliver what we promise!

The Alpha Group

We organize peer-to-peer mastermind advisory boards for business owners and CEOs to help them achieve their company’s full potential for growth and inspire them to make transformation changes within their business.


We are a B Corp organized to make a difference in people’s lives just as you have chosen to do as a coach. 10% of our profits goes into charity.


Coaching For Results Program

Coaching For Results Program is designed to empower leaders to implement coaching in the workplace and increase company ROE & ROI.

Coaching Foundations

The Life and Executive Coaching Foundation allows you to learn all the skills and underpinning knowledge essential to coaching.

Coaching Accreditation

Practitioner Coaching Diploma allows you to get international accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.




Coach Training Courses




“The Introduction to Coaching offered by Nobel Manhattan was a wonderful and worthwhile day. Not only did we hear about the world of coaching and all the possibilities of what coaching can do in our businesses, we also learned what it can do for us individually. I walked away with a great tool that I can implement immediately to help my clients and colleagues. Although they wouldn’t let me sign up for any additional training on the spot, I will certainly be furthering my own development with Nobel Manhattan!”

Libby Dishner 
Principal@Cresco Strategy

“Upon attending the seminar, I did not know what to expect.  However, I can truthfully say that I spent my time well.  The material that discussed the Coaching opportunity was very comprehensive and mind stimulating!  Also, the methodology presented was very thorough and totally engages the client being coached. What’s more, the class exercise provided me with a personal exposure to the methodology.  Therefore, I highly recommend anyone considering Coaching, as a profession, to take this course to see if Coaching is a fit for you.  If yes, this course can provide some very basic concepts to start on the road to a successful career in coaching.”

Andrew Shulick
Metamorphosis Management Consulting

“I took this course for professional and personal development. Personally, I gained more insights into my self, my values, my personal coping style. I have more tools for my work – as a matter of fact, I already started to use some of the activities that we learned these days. And I am planning to use this with my staff, as well as with my clients.”

Bonnie Marrow


“I am a trainer and I’ve wanted to get into coaching for some time. I’ve got so many wonderful things, just learning about the personality styles, communication styles and just how we affect other people and how we communicate effectively with other people. I learned great techniques on how to ask questions, how to properly assess situations and how to make sure your values are aligned properly. One of the great things I got out of this course is that it helped me write the mission statement I’ve been trying to write for ever. It’s been a wonderful experience and I really excited about coaching and serving my clients effectively.”  

Carlton Reed

Carlton Reed Seminars 

“My no.1 take away from this course was the communication skills – how to communicate to managers and to regular staff alike. This will not only help me with my job, but it will help me outside of my job with my family and kids. I recommend this course, because it will help you regardless of your background.”  

Jason Jackson
CEO of Live for Life Inc

“This year one of my goals as a team leader was to invest in myself, so I can be a better me, so that I be a better leader for the team I’m building. Because of the great quality of the teaching, the depth of knowledge from the master coach, this course helped me understand how to relate to people, even though I’ve been working with people for 14 years. It was really refreshing and helpful for me. I will use the skills to create my team, import to them the same tools that I’m learning right here, so that they can go do the same thing.”  

Ryan Frey

Sales Associate at Keller Williams Superior Realty 

Jacqueline is a great mentor. She has helped me with a client which I ended up declining. Now I feel more certain about which clients I want to take up and which not. The goal for each mentoring session was for me clear and the feedback that I have received was very straightforward, clear and mostly valuable. I use the techniques and the suggestions I have received in my sessions with my clients. Jacqueline’s manner is very kind, friendly yet assertive with elegance when it needs to be. I know that she was a perfect fit for me as a mentor and for that I am mostly grateful.”

Sabrina Naseem

Practitioner Coach Diploma Student

We are a Life and Executive Coach training company, under Noble Manhattan Coaching International. We provide personal and corporate development courses.