Our publishing and magazine, currently the largest coaching magazine in the world, has 38,000 subscribers. Additionally, it is present in 21 countries and publishes in 3 languages.


Our online radio platform, allowing anyone to have their own monthly radio show. This is also made available on iTunes.


Our peer-to-peer executive board working exclusively with owners of SMEs businesses. Currently, the Alpha Groups run in 21 countries worldwide.


An online register for coaches, allowing coaches to promote themselves worldwide. As a result, it is a platform where clients can match with coaches. There are 17,000 coaches registered.


Our blog is focusing on Leadership and Coaching. Above all, it is in the top 20 coaching blogs, worldwide.


Through this division, we work with multinationals at boardroom level. Due to this division, we deliver corporate & executive coaching contracts.

Coaching Support Groups are face-to-face meetings, held in many cities around the world. Through these groups we facilitate networking.


It is an online publishing platform for our coaches and students.


Most noteworthy, we run a charity in order to help women from Third World Countries start micro businesses.

We also have a number of short courses delivered mainly to women to help them build confidence through image.


Because we want to help our students thrive, we created a lead generation page for them, to help them build a client base.

Even more, we deliver an Executive MBA in partnership with Ashridge University and IBD – Europe’s premier business school.

We are a Life and Executive Coach training company, under Noble Manhattan Coaching International. We provide personal and corporate development courses.