Alpha Group

The Alpha Group is the most effective business growth tool available

This is not for the faint-hearted, if you are serious about dominating your market and tripling your value in two to three years, The Alpha Group is the right place for you.

Our peer-to-peer mastermind advisory boards target business owners and managers. Thus, we help them to continue to thrive and to make it to the “next level”, wherever that may be for them.

The Alpha Group provides a trusted, confidential environment where Members (CEO’s, Managing Directors or other senior business executives) of SME’s can learn together. Another way of doing this is through sharing experiences. Therefore, members advise one another by testing plans, assumptions and decisions.

The Alpha Group (TAG) helps business leaders to achieve their company’s full potential for growth and success by inspiring and motivating them to make transformation changes within their business.  It also builds a member’s leadership skills so that they enjoy personal success – inside and outside of their business. Better leaders mean better, more successful businesses.

In a nutshell, what The Alpha Group does:

  • Transforms company culture to create greater focus and energy;
  • Transforms products and customer experience to substantially increase sales;
  • Updates the business models to significantly enhance profits and profit multipliers.

10 Great Reasons to Join The Alpha Group (TAG)

These are just a few of the top benefits you can get out of your monthly mastermind meetings and your new extended board:

Enjoy support to help develop and crystallize your company vision;

Brainstorm strategies and sharpen your focus for long-term benefits;

Tackle hairy current issues with advice from experienced, like-minded business leaders;

Learn new techniques and skills for creative problem-solving leading to a broader perspective;

Open your eyes to new alternative management methods;

Discover that your issues need not be faced alone and decisions are fully investigated;

Revel in your new board of advisers who will become friends and mentors but most importantly, they will hold you accountable;

Accept the help you can get to make decisions necessary to lead your business to where you want it;

Thrive on renewed optimism and motivation;

Keep on learning, giving and growing.

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