Certified Coach Training

Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas is offering different certified coach training programs, from life coaching to executive and corporate coaching. It is also offering tailor-made courses on demand.


Main Coach Training Programs offered:


Life and Executive Coaching Foundations

Practitioner Coach Diploma

Executive and Corporate Coaching

Coaching For Results Program


The Life and Executive Coaching Foundation (LECF) allows you to learn all the skills and underpinning knowledge essential to every coaching platform – personal or corporate. If you want to develop your skills and career further, you will be positioned to choose the life dynamics or the business environment that attracts you. Additionally, over time you can add units together to obtain higher levels of coach accreditation, which will directly impact on your credentials and earning power.


Who can enroll?

  • any individual wanting to apply coaching skills at home or at work
  • aspiring coaches who want to start their training
  • psychologists, counselors, therapists who want to diversify their skills
  • team leaders, HR professionals, managers who want to introduce coaching in their work process


Main benefits:

  • This course offers the fundamentals of coaching.
  • It provide you with the necessary coaching knowledge. But it also offers you the possibility to put that into practice.
  • Additionally, it offers training from one of the best training companies in the industry.
  • Since it’s flexible, you can start it whenever you are ready to and finish it in a period of 2 years.
  • It is highly adaptable. Thus the mix of self-study, online classes and webinars gives you the possibility to fit it in your tight schedule.
  • You will have access to members area, where you can access to a wide variety of resources.
  • Also, it provides you with networking opportunities. Being in Noble Manhattan family, you will be able to connect with like-minded people, coaching experts and possible clients.
  • Moreover, it gives you the option to progress to the fully-accredited Practitioner Coach Diploma, with a discount in time and cost.

Duration: 125 H distance learning + 10 tutoring hours with a practitioner coach

Qualification: Certificate of completion for ICF ACC portfolio path accreditation

If you are new to coaching or if you already went through the Life and Executive Coaching Foundation (LECF), the Practitioner Coach Diploma (PCD) is the ideal step for becoming a professional coach. This program allows you to get international accreditation with International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M) and International Coaching Federation (ICF). It provides you with the theory and practical skills necessary in coaching. Additionally it allows you to add further training in the executive coaching direction.   Whatever your ultimate goal, the solid knowledge and skills base acquired through the PCD course is vital to any type of coaching. 

Who can enroll?

  • anyone who completed Practitioner Coach Certificate and wants to enhance their coaching knowledge and practice
  • anyone who is familiar with coaching and additionally wants to get an accreditation
  • aspiring coaches who want to build their own coaching business
  • life coaches who aspire to corporate and executive coaching
  • any individual who wants to improve working skills
  • psychologists, therapists, counselors and also trainers who want to diversify their skills
  • team leaders, managers, HR professionals who want to apply coaching skills to improve their teams’ efficiency


Main benefits:

  • This course offers extensive coaching knowledge and practice.
  • The 100 hours of mandatory coaching sessions enable you to demonstrate a good learning of coaching skills.
  • As a CCE, it is the perfect fit if you want to get international accreditation with IAPC&M or ICF.
  • It has 58 student hours + 3 days of live training, providing you with the necessary portfolio for ACC ICF accreditation path. And our team is supporting you with the accreditation process.
  • Because it’s flexible, you can start whenever you are ready and finish within 2 years.
  • Additionally, you will benefit of 3-day live residential, which is included in the price.
  • 10 mentoring hours with a master coach are also included.
  • You will receive on-time support from our caring team.
  • It provides life-time access to online resources.
  • It facilitates networking with like-minded people, professionals and possible clients.
  • You will have access to all Noble Manhattan divisions, thus to all our career opportunities.
  • Lastly, you will get support in building your coaching business.

Duration: 350 H blended learning: 58 H of student contact + individual study

10 tutoring sessions with a practitioner coach

10 mentoring hours with a mentor coach

14 practice groups

12 live lectures + 12 live coaching development webinars

100 H of coaching practice


Practitioner Coach

IAPC&M Practitioner Coach Accreditation

ICF ACC Accreditation

Executive & Corporate Coach Diploma is an accredited program designed for life coaches to provide them with everything they need to build a thriving executive coaching practice.


Who can enroll?

  • life coaches who want to upgrade to executive and corporate coaching

and also

  • CEOs, directors, senior managers
  • trainers and individuals working in development role


Main benefits:

  • Kick-start or scale-up your coaching career quickly
  • Help premium clients transform their organizations & businesses 
  • Help entrepreneurs transform their businesses and careers 
  • Does not matter if you’re new or advanced or already established! 
  • Gives you the guidelines & toos to ‘level-up’ your coaching practice  
  • Every business and every entrepreneur needs to earn more and work less, now you can help them achieve that! 
  • You’ll be able to take this coaching curriculum and add it to your existing coaching curriculum if you are already a coach or mentor or consultant. 
  • You get everything: the steps, the curriculum, the scripts, the entire system, marketing materials and everything you can think of to do business for many-many years!

Suitability: professionals & organizations

Duration: 350 H blended learning

Qualification: ILM level 7 diploma in executive coaching

Coaching For Results Program – Developing Leaders To Coach (CFRP) is a fully-accredited, certified Corporate Coach training program. With proven results in team development for companies such PepsiCo, it has been designed specifically for CEOs, Presidents, VPs, Owners and HR directors. Most noteworthy, Coaching For Results Program is suitable for both public and private sectors. If you are a visionary leader who wants to apply coaching style management to improve your team’s achievements, this certification is for you.


Who can enroll?

CEOs, Presidents, VPs, Owners and HR directors who want to:

  • adopt a different approach to management
  • attract and retain the best people in their teams
  • improve the performance of their business and teams

Main benefits:

  • Breakthrough performance strategies
  • ROI validation tools for organization
  • Attack employee performance stagnation
  • Break through models to improve teams performance
  • Management systems and models to sustain performance gains

Suitability: professionals & organizations

Duration: 180 H blended learning

Qualification: ILM Level 5 Certificate in coaching and mentoring in management

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