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Noble Manhattan Coaching is one of the longest established life and executive coach training companies in the World. Its reputation for creating superb life and executive coaches is second to none. Students are truly welcomed into the Noble Manhattan Coaching family, an international life coach training company with a heart. What is unique about Noble Manhattan Coaching is we help coaches to become successful after their training is completed with us.

Noble Manhattan Coaching is Europe’s leading life coach training company and is amongst the top 4 global life coaching companies in the world, of the 900+ life coach training companies worldwide. We offer a wide range of life and executive coaching and business courses, many of them accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPCM) the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and our CEO was requested by various governmental bodies to set up as the previous CEO, the International Regulator for Coaching & Mentoring (IRCM).

Noble Manhattan Coaching has trained in excess of 26,000 professional life coaches and executive coaches worldwide. The Founder and CEO of Noble Manhattan, Mr. Gerard O’Donovan, is an internationally acclaimed authority in life and executive coaching and leadership. He is one of only six fellow coaches in the world, a world class motivational speaker, consultant, author and trainer.

The Noble Manhattan Coaching company currently trades in 28 countries around the world and each and every one of our life coach training courses is run by professional Noble Manhattan trainers who not only possess excellent presentation and educational skills but are proficient, experienced, and successful life and executive coaches in their own right. A great deal of careful thought and design has gone into developing a full program of life coach training and executive and business courses ranging from one day packed events to Certificate-based, Diploma, Advanced Diploma Programs and a PhD in Coaching. Whatever your situation, immediate goal, and ultimate coaching aspiration we can provide the total life coach training or business or leadership solution.


Our mix of long distance learning with face-to-face experiences offers you the possibility to go through a coaching course at your own peace.


Our best master coaches design and deliver our programs. Thus, you will experience high quality content and practice with our coaching courses.


We want to make sure that your coaching journey is smooth and successful. Therefore, we are always ready to help you reach your objectives.


We take you from 0 to real coaching business and we offer you the best channels you need to get your name on the wall.

Our mission

Our mission is to train magnificent coaches, help them build their business and raise awareness of the benefits of coaching. Also, through coaching, we have committed to help businesses thrive.

Not only do we offer courses that are accredited and endorsed by 2 international bodies, but we make sure we place our students and coaches within a wast network of professionals and clients.

Additionally, we create opportunities for growth and offer continuous support. When people get in our family, they never leave. Here, they will find mentors, friends and a wide variety of resources to start and enhance their coaching business.


Coaching is based on high standards and principles. However, for us it is important to point out those values in everything that we do. Therefore, we value and apply honesty, integrity, trust and contribution in everything that we do. We promise training, self-development and business building. And we deliver what we promise!

We believe in everyone’s power to lead boldly. Also, we base our practice on the premise that you have all the necessary resources to be the best life or executive coach. Thus, our courses are giving you the knowledge to build your coaching skills. And our team is caring and supportive so that you reach your objectives at your own peace.

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Noble Manhattan converts to a Benefit Corporation

We are doing business that aims to benefit the community and turn a profit. We will “create a respite for socially and economically challenged families to establish stability and hope.” 
To achieve the greater purpose, we must excel in our service delivery to our clients.
Through our delivery of outstanding coaching, benefit and transition services, each revenue dollar generated will yield 10% immediately towards our greater purpose. At the end of each fiscal year, we will also allocate a percentage of net income. The delivered funds will fuel “OUR HOME” Foundation, whereby a sponsored family will benefit from our love in the form of housing, job assistance, food, child care and education to work their way back to a self-sustaining member of our community.
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Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

Noble Manhattan Coaching chose one of the best organisation to endorse and accredit its programs. Certainly, the business world recognize and respect Institute of Leadership and Management for its high standards. The value of any course endorsed or accredited by them is worldwide known. For clarification, ILM endorses coaching courses that are not specifically for use within a ‘business or corporate’ environment, such as our Practitioner Coach courses. However, it still represents an equal standard of quality training.

International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M)

The IAPC&M facilitates access to quality accreditation for coaches worldwide. It also contributes to the quality of accreditation internationally and ensures the availability of a high standard of coach training. A rigorous process of accreditation is one that ensures the acceptance only of companies that have the highest standards. Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd has its courses accredited by the IAPC&M and is proud to hold the highest level of accreditation rating.

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals. As the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches, ICF confers instant credibility upon its members. ICF is also committed to connecting member coaches with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their careers.


Everything we do is designed to train magnificent coaches and help them build their business.




Some of Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The Introduction to Coaching offered by Nobel Manhattan was a wonderful and worthwhile day. Not only did we hear about the world of coaching and all the possibilities of what coaching can do in our businesses, we also learned what it can do for us individually. I walked away with a great tool that I can implement immediately to help my clients and colleagues. Although they wouldn’t let me sign up for any additional training on the spot, I will certainly be furthering my own development with Noble Manhattan!

Libby Dishner

Cresco Strategy

This year one of my goals as a team leader was to invest in myself, so I can be a better me, so that I be a better leader for the team I’m building. Because of the great quality of the teaching, the depth of knowledge from the master coach, this course helped me understand how to relate to people, even though I’ve been working with people for 14 years. It was really refreshing and helpful for me. I will use the skills to create my team, import to them the same tools that I’m learning right here, so that they can go do the same thing.

Ryan Frey

Keller Williams Superior Realty

 I’ve got so many wonderful things, just learning about the personality styles, communication styles and and how we affect other people. I learned great techniques on how to ask questions, how to properly assess situations and how to make sure your values are aligned properly. One of the great things I got out of this course is that it helped me write the mission statement I’ve been trying to write for ever. It’s been a wonderful experience and I really excited about coaching and serving my clients effectively.

Carlton Reed

Carlton Reed Seminars

I can truthfully say that I spent my time well.  The material that discussed the Coaching opportunity was very comprehensive and mind stimulating!  Also, the methodology presented was very thorough and totally engages the client being coached. I highly recommend anyone considering Coaching to take this course.

Andrew Shulick

I took this course for professional and personal development. Personally, I gained more insights into my self, my values, my personal coping style. I have more tools for my work – as a matter of fact, I already started to use some of the activities that we learned these days. And I am planning to use this with my staff, as well as with my clients.

Bonnie Marrow

My no.1 take away from this course was the communication skills – how to communicate to managers and to regular staff alike. This will not only help me with my job, but it will help me outside of my job with my family and kids. I recommend this course, because it will help you regardless of your background.

Jason Jackson

Our Team

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Gerard O’Donovan


Gerard O’Donovan is known throughout Europe as a master coach and hailed worldwide, because his methods, training and strategies work to help people achieve peak performance.

Chuck Clement, team

Chuck Clement

Managing Director

Chuck Clement Managing Director of NMCA, is recruiting, training, managing and motivating great regional directors all over North America, with his ability to inspire people to move mountains.

Ashley Frey, team

Ashley Frey

Director of Recruiting

Ashley Frey, Director of Recruting for Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas, is one of our key team members with high care for people and a great eye for gathering the best coaches for our programs.

Iulia Sorescu, team

Iulia Sorescu

Business Support Leader

Iulia Sorescu is an accredited practitioner coach with IAPC&M, Noble Manhattan faculty member and our Business Support Leader. She takes care that the online side of the business is running smoothly.

Jaqueline Labib, team

Jacqueline Labib

Mentor Coach

Jacqueline Labib is Transformational Business & Life Coach, Empowerment Speaker, Transformational Workshop Facilitator. Jacqueline is the leader of a movement called JoyFinding, a way to reach your dreams and fulfil your potential.

Shawna Corden

Executive Coach

Shawna Corden is an Executive Coach and owner of Shawna Corden Coaching and Webinars as well as a Faculty Member with Coach U. She is an OSU Alum and holds certifications in Professional Project Management from PMI, and the PCC and PMC from ICF.

Cherry Mullins

Master Coach

Trainer, Tele-lecturer, Final Assessor, Mentor Coach and Accredited Master Coach Trainer and accredited Master Coach (AMC) with over 11,000 hours of coaching experience. She has over 25 years of experience in designing and delivering training programs.

Di McLanachan

NLP Master Practitoner

Di is a Master Practitioner of NLP and has over 30 years experience working with large multinational corporations (predominantly IBM) and is the best selling author of ‘NLP for Business Excellence’, published by Fenman.