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Introduction to Coaching Seminar

This day is regarded by many as the most jam-packed informative day you will over attend with regard to learning about being a life coach or corporate coach. It is designed to answer all your questions about training to be a coach, standards and ethics, how to get clients, how to earn an income and lots more. You will also experience a practical coaching session.

Are you thinking to become a coach and you don’t know how? You heard about coaching and you want more in depth details about how it works? Are you wondering about how to build a coaching business? INTRODUCTION TO COACHING has all the answers for you!


On this wonderful day you will:

  • Learn about the benefits of applying Life Coaching Skills in the home and work place.
  • Become familiar with the training options available.
  • Learn about the four key pillars of life coaching.
  • Find out how to apply of the wheel of life.
  • Understand the differences coaching, counseling, therapy and training.
  • Learn about accreditation, and who are the main governing bodies in the world.
  • Become familiar with different and many ways of earning an income as a coach.
  • Get your hands on real coaching techniques.
  • Experience receiving coaching for yourself first-hand.
  • Obtain the full trainers pack for running and delivering a highly interactive coaching workshop.
  • Be given a coaching tool worth over $250.

Workplace Coaching Seminar

If you are positioned for new employee performance options, this training is designed for you! Workplace Coaching Training will teach you everything you need to know about applying coaching in the workplace. Some of the proven results of coaching at work includes: developing leadership skills building effective teams, improving communication and managing conflicts, mastering productivity management, achieving goals at an organizational level.

We developed a tool to measure ROI of coaching at work! The Coaching Hub app was designed especially to help managers, leaders and business owner to measure the impact of coaching. Real time, real results!

Workplace Coaching Training is giving you the knowledge and practical skills for you to apply coaching in the workplace. You don’t have to look for experts outside your business, you’ll have the capability to boost your team performance by your own. We promise high return of investment – which from now on, you can measure it yourself!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Present the role of coaching in organizations
  • Discuss the business coaching trends and how you can stay in touch with these developments
  • Give you access to a successful coaching model, that you can put into practice right away
  • Make you aware of the role of visionary questions in organizational development
  • Create a mastermind with like minded people to discuss about organizational issues and find coaching solutions for them
  • Present the Coaching Hub App – the first tool to measure ROI of coaching in the workplace

Every relationship should enhance the lives of both parties. When you commit to training and working with Noble Manhattan Coaching it is the beginning of a lifelong relationship. In fact, I must tell you we are a little bit like the Mafia! We never let you go. Now, I mean that in a loving and caring way! Not only will we train you with elegance and excellence, but when you are trained we will continue to look after you, take care of you, and support you in a multitude of ways. That is why it is essential that you attend this day. So that you can find out more about the company that we hope you will want to build a fulfilling and lasting relationship with. (Gerard O’Donovan – CEO of Noble Manhattan Coaching International)

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