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Discover the power of coaching in the workplace to learn the skills & techniques to increase employee engagement, team performance and overall productivity. 

For Leaders Who Want To Experience The True Power Of Coaching At Work And Get The ROE & ROI

The investments in organizational coaching programs and the qualitative positive feedback from numerous executives are on the rise. The adoption of coaching skills is becoming the norm for managers and leaders who may be able to have a positive influence on their employees.

The results of coaching can be tied to two main areas: helping employees focus on personal development, and helping to accelerate performance. “The development of employees and shrinking time to productivity is an incremental improvement that multiplies with the success of each individual. This focus on achieving optimal productivity more quickly can lead to distinct organizational and competitive advantage” (I4CP Study). Additionally, it provides key employees with the leadership skills necessary for critical roles in the future.

But the main question is... 

How can you deploy coaching at work to get the maximum benefits?

  • The course content must be challenging, relevant and adaptable to organizational goals. 
  • The coach training staff must be credentialed, experienced and adept at bringing out the best of your leadership to cultivate the coaching momentum for your organization.
  • The leadership must bring an open mindset to embrace the new methodologies, techniques and tools to optimize employee engagement and leadership development.
  • The organization must commit to continuous reinforcement of learned skills to embed in the coaching culture.

Embrace the coaching journey that will boost your company's results

Unlike any other coaching course, Workplace Coach Training assesses your needs and adapts accordingly. Our trainers will assist you along your way to make sure you reach your objectives:

  • Breakthrough performance strategies 
  • ROI validation tools for organization 
  • Attack employee performance stagnation 
  • Break through models to improve teams performance
  • Management systems and models to sustain performance gains  

What Makes Our Workplace Coach Training Unique

At the core of this program is a combination of rich classroom learning, face-to-face intensive practice, self-study and mentoring.


The course is structured in 3 parts: 3 days of classroom training, 6 weeks of field work and 2 additional days of classroom training. Session 1 focuses on core skills and NLP techniques. The 6 week session focuses on practicing the coaching skills. Session 3 focuses on team coaching.  


The content can be tailored to accommodate aspects such as mission and vision statements, organization values and any other initiatives as appropriate. Our initial assessment will align the course content and the organizational goals.


Your Mentor Coach is an invaluable aid in developing your practical coaching skills. In the mentoring sessions, your Mentor Coach will be the Client and you will be the Coach. As part of your coaching sessions your Client (Mentor Coach) will guide you through a number of issues, which commonly arise in coaching relationships. These coaching sessions with your Mentor Coach will help you train in both coaching skills and in how to deal with these issues/topics.  


Team coaching is a powerful process for teams seeking higher performance and engagement. Group coaching benefits organizations by stimulating constructive change and an entrepreneurial outlook. And the #1 result of this training is to help you increase your team's performance and productivity.

Instructors' Profile

Libby Dishner 

Executive and Leadership Coach

Libby Dishner has spent more than 20 years helping people find success and fulfillment by reaching for their full potential. A former Senior Vice President of Human Resources, she has been working as a professional consultant and coach in Richmond, Va., since 2011. Libby works with individuals and organizations to provide leadership development programs, coaching and HR strategy.

Di McLanachan 

NLP Master Practitioner

Di McLanachan has run her own training business since 1933 and been a qualified, accredite Master Coach since 2000. Di was the pioneer of live coaching for BBC Radio Solent and is the best selling author of "NLP for Business Excellence". She has also written book on persuasion and influene, customer care and selling skills. She has been published in the USA on the subject of Self-Sabotage.

Chuck Clement

Chuck Clement

Managing Director, NMCA

Chuck Clement had many years of experience as a leader. He worked in companies ranging from Virginia Farm Bureau to Andesa Services to Experity. However, his main focus is now on NMCA. The courses he offers are a robust mix of distance learning, mentors and intensive classroom sessions. Chuck also has his MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University, MS in Teaching and is a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Catherine Murphy

Accredited Practitioner Coach (ACC)

Cat Murphy’s career focuses on helping organizations create and maintain an engaged and productive work environment. For many years, she worked to develop and implement programs, policies and technologies to do just that. Leading transformational initiatives for groups, lines of business and entire organizations helping them implement Lean and Agile methodologies.

Kate Deaton

CPCC, Practitioner Anat Baniel Method

Kate is a leadership development and executive coach who brings over 28 years of experience in the business, education and healthcare worlds. Kate is known for entering complex situations with a calming presence, recognizing the gaps and blockages as well as the strengths, and by-passing defenses to support powerful and creative change in leaders, teams and cultures.

What you'll get

7 Things You'll Gain From Workplace Coach Training



It has long been recognized that a coaching style of management consistently brings out the best in staff at all levels in an organization. This positive, supportive approach encourages the development of confidence and self esteem, resulting in the fulfilment of individual and team potential. Increased goal achievement, reduced absenteeism and harmonious working relationships are just some of the benefits enjoyed by organizations that have adopted a coaching culture. Participants are taught how to use coaching as an effective performance improvement technique, encouraging their staff to set and achieve personal goals.



Coaching models such as TGROW are included in the program, as well as core skills such as rapport building, the 3 levels of listening and intuitive questioning. Other methodologies include the Coaching Circle and the 5QF questioning framework. Throughout the program, delegates are encouraged to keep a reflective journal as part of their learning process.



The theme throughout the program is one of developing an open coaching style of communication with staff. NLP communication techniques are taught to expose the participants to higher level of building rapport. You also gain a good knowledge of the VHF channels of communication, how to detect them in speech and eye movements, and how to use this awareness to ‘tune into’ the other person.



Generally, participants are strongly focused on performance coaching for their staff. A key element of this type of coaching is the skill of delivering feedback in a positive, motivational style. The program includes a section on exactly how to do this, using appreciative inquiry techniques, which have proved to be extremely effective in generating resourceful, problem-solving mindsets.



Great emphasis is placed on structuring a coaching conversation in order to create a focused and desired outcome from each session. The coachee, by identifying and agreeing to be accountable for objectives of the session will experience positive results. One of the key roles of the coach is to add accountability.



Emotional Intelligence Assessment is included in the program. It provides a clearly defined analysis of how an individual behaves under ‘normal’ conditions and how that behavior changes when under pressure. With this degree of behavioral awareness, it becomes much easier to recognize certain character traits in others and to know how best to deal with them.



The program is highly interactive and delegates have many opportunities to observe and take part in role plays and live coaching. In addition, during the six weeks of field work between parts 1 and 3, the participants will coach each other, as well as staff and employees, in order to gain ‘hands on’ practice and reinforce acquired skills. In part 3, the participants are debriefed on their field work to share their experiences and gain clarity/advice from the trainers on any areas where they may have felt uncertain about their performance.


Workplace Coach Training Positively Impacts Organizations, Executives and Employees

For organizations

Enhance employee productivity and performance 

Increase retention of employees 

Enable employees to respond quickly and more favorably to change 

Transform from command and control to a coaching culture  

For leaders

Engage in effective conversations with immediate results 

Develop critical thinking skills to enhance team performance 

Create more opportunities for delegation 

Become a better leader  

For employees

Interact with managers in a more collaborative way

Increase involvement in decision making and managing

Gain greater visibility and exposure to information

Improve job/role satisfaction  

Workplace Coach Training Features 


You will be introduced to leading edge techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry for problem solving and giving feedback, and the highly regarded Emotional Intelligence Assessment for understanding behavior in the workplace. 


This program is delivered by experienced trainers, who are also Master Coaches. Up to 25 attendees can be accommodated and the program can be run at a location geographically convenient for you.


You will receive regular communication, including the student support administrator, your mentor and senior supervising coach. 


Courses can be designed and structured to meet the individual and organizational coach training objectives. We are adept in delivering on-site, off-site residential, telephonic and live video conferencing training venues.


Extensive international certification: Noble Manhattan Coaching and ILM Level 5 Certificate in coaching and mentoring in management The training course alings with ICF recommended processes.


The content can be tailored to accommodate aspects such as mission and vision statements, organisation values and any other initiatives, as appropriate.

What students say

I took this course for professional and personal development. Personally, I gained more insights into my self, my values, my personal coping style. I have more tools for my work – as a matter of fact, I already started to use some of the activities that we learned these days. And I am planning to use this with my staff, as well as with my clients.

Bonnie Marrow, Psychotherapist 

I am a trainer and I’ve wanted to get into coaching for some time. I’ve got so many wonderful things, just learning about the personality styles, communication styles and just how we affect other people and how we communicate effectively with other people. I learned great techniques on how to ask questions, how to properly assess situations and how to make sure your values are aligned properly. One of the great things I got out of this course is that it helped me write the mission statement I’ve been trying to write for ever. It’s been a wonderful experience and I really excited about coaching and serving my clients effectively.  

Carlton Reed, Carlton Reed Seminars 

My no.1 take away from this course was the communication skills - how to communicate to managers and to regular staff alike. This will not only help me with my job, but it will help me outside of my job with my family and kids. I recommend this course, because it will help you regardless of your background.  

Jason Jackson CEO of Live for Life Inc

This year one of my goals as a team leader was to invest in myself, so I can be a better me, so that I be a better leader for the team I’m building. Because of the great quality of the teaching, the depth of knowledge from the master coach, this course helped me understand how to relate to people, even though I’ve been working with people for 14 years. It was really refreshing and helpful for me. I will use the skills to create my team, import to them the same tools that I’m learning right here, so that they can go do the same thing.  

Ryan Frey, Sales Associate at Keller Williams Superior Realty 

Course package and enrollment

  • Course materials
  • Free subscripion to Coaching Hub Tool
  • Life time access to coachign resources
  • Individual mentoring
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Coaching Practice
  • Team coaching

Because our interest is that we respond to your needs in the most efficient and caring way, the only way of enrolling to this course is by having a conversation with one of our mentor coaches. Just by assessing your needs, you will know if this course is suitable for you, your organization and your team. 

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